Family relationships can be easy or difficult depending  on how each member of that family relates with the next person. Some family relationships can make people on the outside envious because they think, theirs could do with such cohesiveness. However, it takes a lot of hard work to make that relationship work.

It is the collective effort of each member of that family to make the relationship work as everybody knows, it’s easier said than done.

My family has worked really hard on building our own closely knit family relationship because we realised earlier own that we only had each other. If we do not have each other’s backs, no one else would. We laughed, fought, made up, ganged up on any one trying to break up our family relationship because we knew, that together, we were stronger.

We had the Alpha (the first child), the Beta (the second) and the Enforcer (myself lol) The other just toed the line and the first 3 children guided the rest. We cooperated among ourselves and watched out for each other and our siblings. Till today, nobody has been able to get between us.

Family Loyalty

Our loyalty to each other stretches farther than any one could imagine that we became an example for other families. Our formula was just simple: our love for each other. Oh! we all are passionate and believe me the fights and rows were equally so but we never forgot that we were one.

When people thought it was over for us especially when we have a row, they are surprised to see us laughing and teasing each other the next minute.

I remember an instance when I was probably about 15 and the Beta and I had a row. We went to school and one of the girls in the school wanted to rough me up, the Beta came and took care of the situation LOL. Nobody came near me after that.

Kidney Disease Journey

Most recently, during this my kidney disease journey, with all my different crisis and hospitalisations, my siblings were always there. They loved me so much they all came forward to test and see if they could give me a kidney. Unfortunately, it was not to be. None of them was a match.

When I received the transplant this year, there was, someone told me, a lot of tears and prayers from all my siblings. They were fiercely protective and didn’t want me to exert myself.

My family! If I had to do it all over again, I would do it same way, with the same people. I want to thank all my brothers and sisters for being there for me all these years of my struggle and illness. For lending me an ear when I want to rant and they still do today. I love and appreciate you all.

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Hilaria popularly known as Hilary is a kidney disease survivor and a transplant warrior. She first started writing to help deal with the pain and suffering of her journey but it quickly became a path to creating an awareness of BME organ donation. She is very passionate about her campaign as she felt that if people knew and could identify with her suffering, it will help people to change their minds and become organ donors.

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