Lifestyle Tips For Kidney Disease Patients

Lifestyle Lifestyle practice is one of the things that usually have to change, sometimes, drastically as a result of kidney disease. However, your kidney disease is…

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A Crocodile story like none else I read a story about an old crocodile and a young crocodile. I actually took a lot from that…

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Kidney Disease

Chronic Kidney Disease – An Overview

Chronic Kidney disease often has no symptoms, so diagnosis can be a shock. People may worry that their kidney disease will worsen and they will end up on…

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International Picnic Day

International Picnic Day

Today is international picnic day and as a kidney disease survivor, it’s a good time to try to rebuild those relationships that fizzled out whilst…

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global running day

Global Running Day

Global Running Global running day is being celebrated today worldwide and it seems like a lot of people are taking part. For me, today is…

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