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Yoga Exercises For Renal & Transplant Patients

Yoga Exercises for Renal and Transplant patients, is it a good idea or not?

I have never been a very sporty person. However, I do have these bursts of renewed energy to take on some exercise, from time to time etc.  It always fizzles out once I hit a snag. It’s funny really since I live in the same house as my husband and kids who are very sporty.

Park Runs Another Way to Keep Fit

I must have mentioned in one of my other blogs, I think the national running day, about this. My children both do 5k park runs every Saturday including my husband (well, he runs every day).
In contrast, I don’t like any form of exercise and I stuff my face with popcorn, I like my food. I still maintained my svelte figure which baffles a lot of people but I guess a high metabolism was the culprit. Teeheehee

Food Restrictions

However, food restrictions put paid to my excesses. I never did get over the disappointment of not being able to eat or drink what I wanted. I strictly adhered to all instructions because I knew this was this only way I was going to survive my ordeal.
Looking back now, I’m glad that I didn’t make a fuss. I actually at a point was considering taking on some exercise to help me relax as part of my needle phobia therapy.

Exercises For Kidney Disease Patients

My psychologist gave me some information about a yoga class for kidney disease patients. She advised that it will be very good as at that time I couldn’t do any vigorous exercises. My fistula wouldn’t allow for any heavy lifting or pulling because these actions could harm my fistula and stop it. I was careful.
The following exercise tips are for dialysis patients who are like I was. I don’t know about kidney transplant patients but I will check and see if there are any exercises for kidney transplant patients. If I find any, I will clear it with my consultant before I pass the information on.

Yoga Trial Offers

6 Month Yoga Exercise Tip For Dialysis Patients

It is advisable to start with one technique and practise for a couple of weeks before moving on to the next. If possible it might be worth asking at your renal Unit if they know of yoga classes for Renal patients.
To bring this exercise regimen into perspective, a study carried out last year published results for renal patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) who participated in a 6 month Yoga program.
There was a marked change in the reduction of blood pressure, improved renal function, thereby decreasing the need for dialysis, and improving Quality Of Life (QOL) in patients with CKD.
The study found that a six months yoga program was safe and effective option; it serves as an adjuvant therapy in improving renal functions and QOL of CKD patients and transplant patients are not left out. According to Kidney Research UK
Transplant patients can do almost anything, but should be wary of sports having a risk of heavy contact or collision. Boxing and Rugby for instance, are obviously risky. Some activities can be made safer by protective padding; but seek advice from your transplant team. This is because the donor kidney is transplanted into the pelvis and so is not protected by the rib cage. 
Taking time to warm up before and cool down after exercise will help prevent muscle strain. If you feel unwell, stop and take time out. See your GP if symptoms or tiredness persist

My Opinion on The Above Study

I’m not restricted from any sports; as a transplant patient except for high contact sporting activities like martial arts, Muay Thai etc. LOL So that puts paid to going back to karate then. Whilst they say we can pretty much do anything, I don’t think the statement above has taken into consideration, the fistula in the arm. I don’t think that’s reversible especially for those who have a bulbous vein on their arm.
The doctors recommend that we should be careful with our fistula; and not to carry anything heavy on the arm with the fistula. If we can pretty much do anything, what about the fistula? I’m not saying it is wrong info but we have seen people who have had to go back to dialysis, after losing a transplant. Would the doctors then put in another fistula because the fistula can stop working, apparently if you keep using it against advice.
I will have to find out more about available online yoga exercises for housebound patients and write a follow-up article in Health Hacks.


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