The Queen's birthday

The Queen’s Birthday

The Queen’s birthday is celebrated today and I wish her a very happy celebration. The whole of the UK will be celebrating in their own small and different ways. This celebration just brings to mind, my own mother whose birthday is on 9th of September later this year.  This isn’t her real date of birth but it’s a close guess. This is her official age but she has another one, on which she actually celebrates her birthday. I could never keep up with my mum’s birthdays which can be confusing at times.

At the time my mum was born, there were no calendars so her parents could not tell her or have any idea of her actual birthdate. Her parents died when she was 10 (mum) and 12(dad) respectively and she was left with 8 siblings to care for. She was the eldest and so the onus was on her to ensure that her siblings were fed, clothed and safe. In those days, orphans are usually taken in by the closest relative to the father but my mum and her siblings were abandoned by her father’s family. She started her business at age 12, making and selling locust beans(a seasoning) and palmoil to feed, cloth and train her younger ones. She made the decision not to get an education in favour of her siblings. The stories she told us when we were young, made my blood run cold.

You might be wondering why the Queen’ birthday has brought this to the forefront of my mind, at this time. It just seems like both of them have had to overcome difficulties and make difficult decisions whilst suffering in silence. Whilst the Queen looks like she’s had an easy life, it really isn’t like that. She had been catapulted into her limelight by the death of her father. The country was a sort of family business and failure was not an option. She had to think outside the box and make tough, unpopular decisions too.

Though worlds apart, I believe the Queen and my mum, both had to make tough decisions when they found themselves catapulted into early responsibility. The Queen to make hard decisions for the best interests of a nation; in the face of opposition and my mum, in her decisions about her siblings’ care in the light of different obstacles in her path. The Queen’s birthday is celebrated on two different dates and my mum also does the same. The similarities are just too many to mention.

My dad finally met my mum and married her. It was like a fairytale. That’s a whole story in itself.  My mum became a queen in waiting, as my dad was the first son of the family. However, there were issues because to be accepted and recognised, she had to produce, at least an heir. It was a battle but her demeanor and willingness to help others, ensured she did not lose her place in the family. There were people who were ready to fight her battles.

If there’s anyone in the world that inspires me, it’s my mother. The sacrifices she’s had to make to ensure that we were fine. Oh! My mum is a diva, through and through LOL. I got my lovely mien from her but believe me, she’s a lioness when it comes to her children. She’s fiercely protective, sometimes, I think more than any other mother I know. She singlehandedly ensured that all her female children got an education; up to a tertiary institution when it wasn’t a priority in our culture at the time. My mother was also a serial entrepreneur and she was tenacious once she had an idea about a business. She was honest to boot and helped a lot of women achieve their dreams through her support, both emotional and financial advice.

As far as I can remember, my mum has always got our backs especially me. I was a sickly child and my mum has always been at my side all the way. I seem to remember having a major illness, through my childhood, every 5 years and my mum was with me through it all. She never gave up on her children. During my most recent illness, my kidney disease journey, she couldn’t be at my side but she was always on her knees praying on my behalf for healing.

Like the Queen, she’s always believed in family and would fiercely protect the family over all else. She’s the crown on my dad’s head and what a crown she is.

Again, I wish the Queen a very happy birthday and wish her many more years of health in mind and body, as she celebrates her 92nd birthday today. Amen

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Hilaria popularly known as Hilary is a kidney disease survivor and a transplant warrior. She first started writing to help deal with the pain and suffering of her journey but it quickly became a path to creating an awareness of BME organ donation. She is very passionate about her campaign as she felt that if people knew and could identify with her suffering, it will help people to change their minds and become organ donors.

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