Men's Health week

Men’s Health Week

Men’s Health Week starts from today, 11th to 17th June. This is a time for men to take stock of their lifestyle and make the necessary changes to either improve or maintain their current state of health. There will be a lot of information like health tips, grooming hacks etc floating around. Men will be spoilt for choice if they really like that sort of thing.

I am no health coach or physical trainer with all the bells and whistles but what I have is first hand experience, which I know most women will have, living with a husband, a brother, a son or any male relative.

In my opinion, for men to live a long and healthy life, they have to master how to make the women in their lives happy and content. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not a feminist although I am sometimes mistaken for one because of some of my extreme views. However, what I am about to say will make sense once the sensible ones read what I am about to say.

Here are 4 important tips a man needs to remember for long and healthy life.

  1. Always Keep Your Wife Happy: I can shout this from the rooftops because it is the ultimate truth. I am a woman and I know that if I am happy, the children are happy and the house is at peace. If I am unhappy, everybody knows. When you see your wife mulling over something, you have to be sensitive about asking her if she’s okay. You might ask her the question in a way that will make her snap at you. You will need to sensitively ask in a soft, indirect way like “Darling(if you’re so inclined) is everything okay?” and at the same time, gently put a hand on her shoulder or of there’s a gesture you know she likes, use that. Once you find out what it is, try as much as possible to see if there’s anything you can do to resolve it. Sometimes, we might just want to brood over the issue before we say anything. Leave her alone and let her know you’re there, when she’s ready to talk.
  2. Keep Your Appearance Neat And Tidy: No woman likes a man who looks unkempt most of the time even when they’re going out. We love our men to look presentable, smell fresh and have a fresh, sweet breath to boot. A woman can be put off by Body or Mouth Odour. Do try and take a shower everyday and maintain that pristine appearance that made her fall in love with you from day one. Some men would make every effort to look good whilst dating their wives, once they are married, they decide that they no longer need to impress their wives but that’s not true. Men need to maintain a pristine appearance every time although they can come to an arrangement with their wives, on casual days around the house.
  3. Maintain Your Romance and Love: This is very important if men want to continue to enjoy a happy home. As I earlier stated, a happy woman is a happy home. Men should find time to arrange a date night with their wives, when it will just be them. They can arrange a babysitter for the children and go out together, either to a club, for a meal at her favorite restaurant or for a walk. All that matters to the woman is that she’s spending time with her husband. Hold hands and just chat generally (not about the children though). Talk about anything but the children; anything that even if she’s asked to relate what you discussed, she won’t be able to. She will only remember the wonderful way she felt, talking to you. Don’t forget that when you get home, the children will be in bed, sleeping. It’s time to show her that she’s still desirable to you so crack that bottle of wine you have been saving for just this type of occasion, set the mood for a really, really wonderful night to remember. This can be arranged once a month but let it be her decision how often she wants to be with you. Your bedroom should be your sex sanctuary, men must always ensure that they keep it tidy and smelling nice. Ensure it’s an environment that screams “this is our sanctuary”. Most men can be very untidy and litter the floor with their clothes and clutter in the room and/or on the floor. This can make a woman go crazy because we are inherently very neat creatures and love our environment to be neat and tidy.   Most importantly:
  4. Never, Ever Forget Her Birthday: A woman’s birthday is very important to her. When a man forgets her birthday, it is like a blow to her ego and her person. some women totally lose it because for us, we would always remember our men’s birthday or any milestones of theirs. We would move the earth to ensure we make it a memorable one. Men usually do not take birthdays seriously. They would usually forget and last minute, when it dawns on them, they run to get a last minute present for the wife. This is a really health threatening exercise because the man will be sweating so hard because he knows he’s messed up royally. Even if you have to set a reminder on your phone, you should do that. It’s only this that could help. Otherwise, it’s the doghouse for you. A woman appreciates that her man remembered her birthday and bought a gift. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one but the fact that he remembered is enough for her.
  5. Finally, men should always let their wives know how they feel about them. We are not psychic and we can’t know if you love us or not. Try and let a woman know just how much you love and appreciate her. It’s not always safe to assume that she would know or depend on the old “Actions Speak Louder Than Words”mantra.  We are not diviners, besides we need to hear you say it out loud, “I Love You”. Those 3 simple words are so powerful and can diffuse any volatile situation men might find themselves. My teenage son at his young age, already knows how to diffuse my ire especially when he’s done something silly. He comes to hug me and says “I love you, mum” and kisses my forehead. Awwwww who can argue with that?

If men can manage to adhere to this advice, they are well on their way to a very long and healthy life indeed.


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Hilaria popularly known as Hilary is a kidney disease survivor and a transplant warrior. She first started writing to help deal with the pain and suffering of her journey but it quickly became a path to creating an awareness of BME organ donation. She is very passionate about her campaign as she felt that if people knew and could identify with her suffering, it will help people to change their minds and become organ donors.

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